Children & Youth

To provide help and support for children and youth.

The future of our Nation—our democracy, our economy, and our social fabric—depends upon how we protect and nurture our children and youth. Today, many children and youth have lives marked with abandonment, disruption, insecurity, loneliness, neglect, abuse, danger and fear. Others have disabilities or diseases that may prevent them from fitting in at school or participating in activities that other kids their age are able to experience. Some are placed in a child welfare system that moves them from foster home to foster home, making it impossible to establish friendships or to keep up with their peers in school, resulting in failure and alienation.

The Foundation believes that every child deserves to feel they have value, to feel loved, and to feel that they have something special to offer to the world. We collaborate with non-profit organizations who strive to improve the conditions of children who are living in less fortunate situations.